Calendar of events 2015

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Business- touristic manifestation – Festivity of meat and dairy products, vine, brandy, honey and handicrafts. It is traditionally held the weekend before Easter.
Date : weekend before Easter
Place: PALIĆ, Great teracce
Organizer: Association of breeding Mangulica hog of Vojvodina Adress: Šupljak, Ludaški šor 206 Phone: 024/758-093


Palic’s 1st of May is first class tourist manifestation, that lasts for two days and enters the 168th tourist season this year. Then, Palic becomes big amusement park, restaurant and handicraft bazaar. Various cultural and amusing contents are organized that attract huge number of visitors for decades.

Date : 1st and 2nd May

Place: Palic, space between Great terrace and space between Yacht club and Men’s shore
Organiser: Park Palic

Adress: Kanjiški put 17a, Palić Telefon: +381 24 602 78



International yacht regatta has its aim, to promote further development of yachting in Serbia, and to connect young people, to get them hang out, establish new contacts and reflect in sailing with sailors from countries that are close – territorial and friendly. Regattas are also very attractive for numerous observers and visitors of Palic lake.
Date : 8-10th May 26, 2015 Place: Palic, Yacht club
Organiser: Yacht club Spartak, SEEOOC
Adress: Obala Lajoša Vermeša bb, Palić Telefon: +381 24 753 096, +381 64 300 77 07


Museum night

Museum night is cultural event which is jointly organized by museums and cultural institutions when they stay opened late into the night. Tourists have the opportunity to visit the attractive places and to be introduced to the rich cultural heritage of Subotica. Numerous visitors and contestants also visit caffes where they hang out and have fun. .

Date: May 16th
Place: Subotica, various cultural institutions
Organizer: UPG
Address: Kneza Miloša 25/3, Beograd Telefon: +381 11 362 07 77; faks: +381 11 264 15 42


Palic wine festivities – Saint Urban

Saint Urban is a protector of winemakers and winegrowers in Subotica- Horgos dune. Cherishing the tradition of this holiday, at the end of May on the Great Teracce are organized Palic wine festivities. Then, throughout the whole day tourists can taste wine from sand and other wines of Vojvodina. There they can also taste and buy some other local specialties and handicrafts.
Date: 23th May
Place: Palic, Great Terrace
Organiser: Park Palic
Adress: Kanjiški put 17a, Palić Telefon: +381 24 602 780


V The Fair – tastes of tradition

Ranged fair is promoting small, local, local food producers. Besides various sorts of delicatessens, dairy products, homemade wine and brandy, visitor can buy sweets, standard and aromatized honey, jam, but also handmade souvenirs, cosmetic products, clay products… The fair is held near Blue fountain in the city centre and manufacturers sell their goods from rustic wooden houses with wooden stals.
Date: first week in June
Place: Subotica, city centre
Organiser: Piar Company
Adress: Subotica, Korzo 7b Telefon: +381 (0) 63 506 465



Trade fair is four day manifestation which is held in Sports Hall. The Fair is followed by numerous business meetings and educational programmes. The entry is free of charge.
Date: first half of June
Place: Subotica, Sports Hall
Organiser: PUK Suboticas market
Adress: Đure Đakovića 23, Subotica Telefon: +381 24 555 013



This is a festival of extreme sports which simultaneously marks the opening of the bathing season in Palic. Attractive competitions in bicycle acrobations during the weekend attracts numerous visitors. The entry is free of charge.
Date: 27-28th June
Place: Men’s shore
Organiser: Extreme sports club



The multicultural project that brings together artists from all over the world in order to present their cultural heritage but also new music and other art forms that develop inspired by diverse cultural heritage that surrounds us. Manifestation usually lasts for three days and the most attractive are the night concerts that are held on Palic’s Great terrace during the longest night.
Date: 19-21th June
Place: Palic
Organiser: ETNOFEST – World Culture Adress: Poštanski fah 17, Palić Telefon: 060/0 300 620


RIS – Reaper competition

RIS is reapers competition in manual wheat mowing. The place of this manifestation varies depending on host’s choice, and then his farm becomes etno-park where reapers compete in speed and quality of manual wheat mowing. They already start to gather around at 7 o’clock. Beside the competition it can be seen the exhibition of old agricultural machines and can be tasted traditional reaper’s breakfast and enjoy till late hours. This is an attractive manifestation because all the contestants are dressed in national costumes and visitors can hear the forgotten ekav speech.
Date: 4th of July
Place: the village near Subotica
Organiser: Bunjevacko kolo
Adress: Subotica, Preradovićeva 4
Telephone: 024/555-589


The two-day competition at Palic lake shows rowing knowledge and strength of contestants in all age categories and in all rowing disciplines. There participate few hundred rowers from hundreds of clubs from the region because of the large number of boats on the water, it is very attractive for the observers – Suboticans and tourists.
Date: 4-5th July
Place: PALIĆ
Organiser: Rowing club „Palić“
Adress: Palić, Omladinski park 1 Telepfone: 024/753-311



International film festival “Palic” promotes the latest achievements of European film. Competition programme is held at the most unique and remarkable Summer stage at Palic, and other films are displayed on various locations in Subotica and Palic. The Festival, in addition to the expert, is accompanied by rich musical program and after-parties every evening after the last screening. There are a lot of visitors from Europe.
Date: 18-24th July
Place: Palic and Subotica
Organiser: Subotica
Adress: Trg Cara Jovana Nenada 15, Subotica Telephone: +381 24 554 600



Summer trip Festival has grown, from one-day party, to a great Festival of electronic music-Summer3p Festival. Specificity is that it is held at the Palic thermal pools that the foreigners describe as a giant Jacuzzi. During the Festival are organized workshops and sports competititons and the good fun till late hours is taken care by team of DJs.
Date: 16-19th July
Organiser: Citizen Association – “Kooperativa AWC“
Adress: Trogirska 2, Palić Telephone: 066/389-392




Duzijanca – harvest festival of the local Bunjevac and Croat population, created as a form of family celebration and thanksgiving to God for the completed harvest, gradually grew into one of the most colorful events in Subotica. The ceremony that lasts for two months culminate in the week prior to Holly Assumption, when a ceremonial procession parades through the city center and reaches the main square, where they deliver the Mayor consecrated bread, got from the new wheat. From Thursday till Sunday, at the main square is set the stage where every night is special folklore programme and nearby there is a mini market where you can taste and buy local products and authentic souvenirs.
Date: August
Place: the city centre
Organiser: BKC “Bunjevačko kolo“
Adress: Preradovićeva 4, Subotica Telephone: 024 555-589



This one-day event is also a rural holiday and for the tourists is interesting market of garlic, appropriate programmes and good entertainment. This village is also well-known for onion cultivation.
Date: middle of August
Place: village SUPLJAK
Organiser: Local Community Supljak
Adress: Supljak, Kostolanji Arpada 108
Telephone: 024/753-050



Takmičenje u kuvanju pasulja je osim za takmičare zanimljivo i posetiocima jer se od 11 do 22 časa može kupiti pasulj sa dimljenim rebrima, kolenicom, divenicom (kobasicom) i mesnatom slaninom, zaliti špricerom i probati čuvene voćne rakije – i sve to po promotivnim cenama. U večernjim časovima je organizovan zabavni program.

Datum održavanja: 22.avgust

Mesto održavanja: TAVANKUT, pomoćni teren fudbalskog kluba Organizator: Udruženje žena „Tavankut“

Adresa organizatora: Donji Tavankut, Trg Žarka Zrenjanina 2 Telefon: 024/4767-101 063/548-755



U ETNOPOLISU – na glavnom trgu Subotice – posetioce očekuje celodnevni vašar narodne umetnosti. Za najmlađe se organizuju igraonice a u gastro-selu se nude specijaliteti različitih kuhinja a uveče zanimljiv folklorni program. Tada se otvara i Vinska ulica gde se mogu degustirati i kupiti lokalna vina. Učesnici ove manifestacije su folklorne grupe iz celog sveta koje prikazuju svoju narodnu muziku i plesove. Svi programi su besplatni i veoma dobro posećeni.

Datum održavanja: 22. – 26. avgust Mesto održavanja: SUBOTICA, oko Gradske kuće Organizator: Mađarski Kulturni Centar Nepkor Adresa organizatora: Trg Lajoša Košuta 4, Subotica Telefon: 024/557-033



Na ovom dvodnevnom festivalu, učesnici odmeravju umešenost u spravljanju tradicionalnih bunjevačkih nacionalnih jela. Ovde, neizostavno treba probati „taranu sa divenicom (kobasicom)“ koju organizatori prodaju po pristupačnoj ceni, kao i druge slane i slatke specijalitete. Poslednjih godina svoje specijalitete predstavljau i druge nacionalne zajednice iz Vojvodine a uveče se zabava nastavlja uz nastupe lokalnih orkestara.

Datum održavanja: 27. avgust

Mesto održavanja: BAJMOK, dvorište KUD Jedinstvo-Egyseg Organizator: MZ Bajmok Adresa organizatora: Bajmok, Trg maršala Tita 1 Telefon: 024/762-038



Verska manifestacija radi koje dolaze mnogi gosti iz inostranstva, održava se na Marijanskom svetištu Bunarić. Nakon trodnevnih molitvi, svečano bdijenje uoči proštenja, naročito je svečano sa procesijom sa svećama. Posetioci, takođe ovde mogu da kupe prigodne suvenire ili proizvode domaće radinosti.

Datum održavanja: 29. – 30. avgust

Mesto održavanja: Marijansko svetičte „Bunarić“

Organizator: Subotička biskupija Adresa organizatora: Trg Svete Terezije 3 Telefon: 024/553-610



Trka magaraca je tradicionalno zabavno takmičemnje u spomen na vreme kad je svaka kuća u Bačkim Vinogradima imala magarca koji je služio za obradu vinograda na pesku. Danas su ovo zabavna takmičenja kao što je jahanje magaraca, vožnja sulki, navlačenje konopca i dr.

Datum održavanja: poslednji vikend u avgustu 26.AVG Mesto održavanja: BAČKI VINOGRADI Organizator: Mesna zajednica Bački Vinogradi Adresa organizatora: Bački Vinogradi, Beogradska 2 Telefon: 024/757-003



Proslava Dana grada je višednevna manifestacija kojom se kroz različite kulturne i zabavne sadržaje i programe proslavlja Dan grada.

Datum održavanja: 1. Septembar (+ par dana pre i posle)

Mesto održavanja: više lokacija Organizator: Grad Subotica Adresa organizatora: Trg Slobode 1, Subotica Telefon: 024/551-219


Takmičenje u zapregama, šampionat pastuva i parada lipicanera počinju obično oko 15 časova ali uz to je organizovan bogat celodnevni program za celu porodicu. U blizini ergele se nalazi poznati restoran u borovoj šumi za sve koji ogldne ili se umore.

Datum održavanja: 6. septembra Mesto održavanja: KELEBIJA, Ergela Kelebija Organizator: Ergela Kelebija Adresa organizatora: Kelebija,

Telefon: 024/789-034


Berbanski dani su manifestacija koja se tradicionalno održala na Paliću povodom završetka radova u voćnjacima i vinogradima. Proslavlja ne samo berbu grožđa već svih plodova koji dospevaju početkom jeseni i po tome se ova manifestacija razlikuje od sličnih po Srbiji koje su posvećene isključivo grožđu i vinu. Organizuje se izložba voća i povrća, proizvoda od meda, zimnice, sadnica, rukotvorina ali se takođe mogu kupiti slatkiši, bižuterija i sl…

Datum održavanja: 12. – 13. Septembar Mesto održavanja: PALIĆ, oko Velike terase Organizator: Park Palić d.o.o.

Adresa organizatora: Kanjiški put 17a, Palić Telefon: 024/602-780


Festival prikazuje najvrednija i umetnički najrelevantnija scenska ostvarenja iz međunarodne i domaće produkcije za decu. Jedan je od pet najznačajnijih festivala ove vrste u svetu. Predstave se igraju na više scena i na gradskom glavnom trgu. Festival je selektivnog i takmičarskog karaktera. Turistima su atraktivni programi namenjeni deci koja se odvijaju na gradskom trgu. Osim toga sve predstave su besplatne za gledaoce.

Datum održavanja: 20. – 26. septembar Mesto održavanja: SUBOTICA, na više lokacija Organizator: Otvoreni univerzitet d.o.o.

Adresa organizatora: Trg Cara Jovana Nenada 15, Subotica Telefon: 024/554-600


Konjičke igre spretnosti, konjičke revije, predstave husara, srednjovekovne borilačke veštine uz radionice za decu i drugi program atraktivni su za celu porodicu.

Datum održavanja: poslednji vikend u septembru ili prvi u oktobru Mesto održavanja: Šupljak, Arpada Kostolanjija 40 Organizator: Udruženje Ostorka i Konjički centar Furioso Adresa organizatora: Šupljak, Arpada Kostolanjija 40 Telefon: 069/343-64-58


Od tradicionalnog okupljanja ljubitelja vina po vinskim podrumima, povodom prve probe mladog vina nastala je manifestacija koja se održava na palićkoj Velikoj terasi. U Evropi se vinari okupljaju svakog trećeg četvrtka u novembru a na Paliću je vreme prilagođeno turistima i pomera se na subotu. Tada se, osim mladog vina – božole, mogu probati i kupiti i druga vina iz regije.

Datum održavanja: 19.novembar (ili 21.)

Mesto održavanja: PALIĆ, Velika terasa Organizator: Park Palić d.o.o.

Adresa organizatora: Kanjiški put 17a, Palić Telefon: 024/602-780


Međunarodni pozorišni festival okuplja savremena pozorišta modernog, alternativnog ili eksperimentalnog karaktera sa područja ex-Jugoslavije i regiona.

Datum održavanja: 22. – 27. novembar

Mesto održavanja: SUBOTICA, pozorište Deže Kostolanji druge scene Organizator: Pozorište Deže Kostolanji Adresa organizatora: Trg žrtava fašizma 5, Subotica Telefon: 024/557-471


Ovaj jednodnevni festival ima oko 50-tak izlagača. Biraju se najbolje rakije a posetioci imaju prilike da probaju 10-ak vrsta voćnih rakija po čemu je selo Ljutovo poznato. Za goste je ulaz otvoren od 10 časova. Uz kupljenu ulaznicu dobijaju i čašicu za degustaciju rakije. Takođe u jutarnjim časovima sa na tradicionalan način pripremaju sveži čvarci za doručak. Oko 14 časova je proglašenje pobednika, nakon čega sledi zabava uz tamburaški orkestar, koja zna da potraje i duboko u noć.

Datum održavanja: 7. novembar Mesto održavanja: LJUTOVO, Rakijski dom

Organizator: Udruženje prozvožača i Ijubitelja rakije „Subotička peščara“ Adresa organizatora: Ljutovo,

Telefon: 063/518-004


Takmičenje u pečenju čvaraka, prodaja čvaraka i drugih mesnih prerađevina i svinjokoljski ručak uz zabavni program i vruće vino. Datum održavanja: 4.-6. decembar

Mesto održavanja: PALIĆ, parking kod restorana Mala gostiona Organizator: Elitte Palić d.o.o.

Adresa organizatora: Palić, Park heroja 15 Telefon: 024/753-245


Winterfest je božićno-novogodišnji vašar koji se organizuje u centru grada i otvoren je za posetioce od 9 do 21h. Po izgledu i atmosferi ovog vašara, Subotica se približila većim evropskim gradovima. U drvenim kućicama i pokretnim drvenim štandovima prodaju se prigodni praznični pokloni a mogu se probati ili kupiti proizvodi domaće kuhinje, vino i rakija.

Datum održavanja: 5. decembar – 15. januar Mesto održavanja: SUBOTICA, centar grada Organizator: JKP Subotičke pijace Adresa organizatora: Đure Đakovića 23/1 Telefon: +381 24 555 013