O Paliću

Palic is a well-known resort, spa and lake located in the north of Backa, 7 kilometres from Subotica, at the crossroad that connects Balkan with North and West Europe, near the state border with Hungary and border crossing Horgos.
Tourist tradition lasts for more than 160 years and presents one of the most popular resorts. As a tourist attraction, Palic has many contents like Palic vine festivities, Etnofest, European film Festival, Rowing regatta, Yachting regatta, Summer3p and many other happenings.
One legend says that the lake was created by the tears of shepherd Paul, who shed many tears while watering his flock. And some say that the lake is in fact the rest of the Pannonian Sea. Water is today totally fresh, but there are stories that say that it used to be salty and that it was extracted soda from it.
The lake was formed in ancient times as the groundwater, although the water from the lake mainly comes from rainfall that filled the valley. Water flowed from the surrounding terrain by washing sodium chloride, and so the lake became salty.
Nowadays Palic is an ideal place for promenades because of the abundant fresh air. Palic has a beautiful ZOO, restaurants, villas, taverns, a beautiful promenade near the lake, farms, thermal pools, summer theater, building of a turbulent past and unique architecture, the Water tower, an unusual mark with an inscription on the shore of the lake, male and female Shore …
As an increasingly popular tourist destination, Palic with its hospitality and temperance persists as a good host – for both domestic and foreign tourists.